"A public ledger for every transaction, everywhere."
Timeline of Block Ledger
In early 2018, Leo and Ray (both accountants) started discussing what a blockchain was. They soon came to the realization that this is what every accountant in the world has always dream about. A trustless ledger that can prove and reconcile two individual ledgers without needing a third party (usually an auditor or a bank). With this in mind, they approached some of their customers who were early bitcoin investors. Thus started the ledgerium journey.
Early in its inception the idea was to raise funds and start working on the project. Soon the team landed its first seed and brought Adam and Faisal on-board. Faisal had been trading bitcoin and other cryptos for some time and advised strongly against an ICO without products. Since a seed fund was in place the founders agreed to start building. Slowly more people were brought on board and a 3 month long resource hunt started. This culminated in Ivan, Rahul and Ashwath joining the team around September 2018 and the dev team was completed.
The first MVP for the blockchain and e-invoicing was launched in November 2018. With the idea in place, a second round of seed with founders pitching in personal money started.
Fast forward to June 2019 when both the blockchain testnets e.g. Toorak and Flinders with full private contract functionality and our first product Luca+ went into tests. We have not looked back since.
The company is majority owned by its employees with generous equity offered to all employees. All founders have skin in the game with their own personal money going towards the seed.
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