Token Distribution

Token Distribution

Initial supply is 200,000,000 XLGs which is coded with ERC-20 Smart Contract address 0x3c51210c25e2f053ee02ea46ed9a66b587574b58.

XLG Token Distribution

Once the Public Sale has been completed, the new token distribution for the initial supply of 200,00,000 XLGs will be as follow

  • Seed Sale Investors will hold 4% (8,000,000) of XLGs.

  • Private Sale Investors will hold 2.5% (5,000,000) of XLGs.

  • Pre-Sale Investors will hold 20% (40,000,000) of XLGs.

  • Public Sale Investors will hold 63.5% (127,000,000) of XLGs.

  • Ledgerium Foundation will hold 10% (20,000,000) of XLGs to ensure there is liquidity in the market‌.

Additionally, 63,000,000 of XLGs will be pre-mined from the Genesis block of Ledgerium Blockchain mainnet and will be locked for Block Producers (BP) as they join the network. Ledgerium Blockchain consortium will consist of a minimum of 21 active BPs and a maximum of 100 BPs at any point in time. Pre-mined 63,000,000 XLGs will be used to award stake of 3,000,000 for first 21 BPs at mainnet launch. BPs who join the consortium later will buy 3,000,000 XLGs from the marketplace to stake and therefore reduces liquidity.

In total, there will be 263,000,000 XLGs at the beginning of Ledgerium Blockchain mainnet.

Token Distribution on Mainnet Launch