Supply and Inflation

Initial supply of XLGs is 200,000,000 with majority of this being locked up. Only 2.5% of XLGs are in unlocked wallets held by Private Sale Investors. 4% are held by Seed Sale Investors which has a vesting period of 25% every 3 months, and the remaining 93.5% are locked up by the Ledgerium Foundation.

A Pre-Sale stage would see 40,000,000 XLGs sold, followed by the Public sale which would see 127,000,000 XLGs sold, leaving Ledgerium Foundation to hold the remaining 20,000,000 XLGs. XLGs sold during the Pre-Sale stage will have a vesting period of 25% every 3 months. The minimal quantity of XLGs held by the Ledgerium Foundation is to ensure there is liquidity while ensuring the ecosystem operates independently. Block Rewards will begin from 31st March 2020 as per schedule.

XLG Initial Supply and Scheduled Liquidity

The maximum amount of XLGs will be capped at 800,000,000 once all the Block Rewards has been issued after 61 years (2080). Block Rewards Multiplier is highest at the start to incentivise take-up of Block Producers and adoption of the Ledgerium Blockchain, and will decrease by 20% annually (See Block Rewards Schedule for more information).

Each Block Producers are required to stake and lock 3,000,000 XLGs each. Once all 100 Block Producers have been allocated, 300,000,000 XLGs will be locked and therefore reduce liquidity.

Total XLGs Supply and Inflation (inc. Locked and Staked)