Risks & Disclaimer

ledgerium.io does not provide any warranties or guarantees with regards to the software being developed, or the platform being launched. The code is entirely open source, and available on our github links. The platform may or may not be used as-is developed by ledgerium.io, or it may also be launched in a modified forms by other actors.

As such no users should buy or hold XLG tokens for speculative purposes as means of investments. The token is offered only to ensure the consortium and block production services as highlighted in our consensus description and the Token Sales and Proof of Stake section.

All users, buyers and consumers of both the XLG token and ledgerium.io services must ensure they read and do all due diligence before using the system as provided. With any new technological system, there is a risk involved that must be acknowledged by all users. ledgerium.io & Block Ledger will not accept any liabilities on token sales, or use of the software, and the entire platform is completely open for anyone to use.