Testnets & Faucet


Currently, the Ledgerium network has an operating Testnets Toorak and Flinders.
Users can access the blockchain explorer site to open a Ledgerium wallet to receive Testnet XLG to use via Ledgerium Link. Testnet setup files, which can be found at the GitHub repository, are also necessary during the Ledgerium Node setup.

Ledgerium TestNet

We have two testnets:
    ChainID (2018) - Toorak
    ChainID (2019) - Flinders
You can RPC connect to any one of our Testnet Block Producer mother nodes i.e.
Block Explorer is a Ledgerium Foundation hosted web application which shows blocks, transactions, addresses, smart contracts, balances and blockchain stats.
Ledgerium Blockchain Block Explorer
Faucet is a Ledgerium Foundation hosted web application that dispenses free XLG tokens for users to claim and spend on executing transactions on the specific testnets e.g. Toorak and Flinders.
Ledgerium Faucet



Ledgerium Mainnet

The Ledgerium Mainnet will be launched as per our roadmap planning. Refer here to know more about it.
Last modified 2yr ago