Pluggable Modules
The entire Ledgerium Blockchain runs on components that have been built to be pluggable. This was an important decision making factor when we were evaluating various proposed technologies and was also one of the reasons why we decided to stick to Quorum & Ethereum instead of other pBFT based implementations like cosmos.
The Ledgerium Blockchain, a quorum based chain has a pluggable system, where as in the future if we need to swap out certain features or implementations, we can easily do this without causing drastic effects on the overall network. This includes:
    Swappable consensus. The way the consensus has been written and included in the code, this can be easily swapped out. Currently different organisations use quorum in different ways, this includes the POA, RAFT, Clique and IBFT consensus. Ledgerium Blockchain is running on IBFT consensus.
    Transaction Manager & Crypto Enclave: Quorum, and by extension Ledgerium uses a transaction manager as a second layer to allow private transactions and private contracts. While quorum currently ships with tessera and constellation, we currently use the tessera implementation written in Java. This is completely swappable with something else if ever needed in the future. We have modified this layer in Ledgerium already and are working with the JPM team to include our changes into their master code.
    Network Manager and Messaging: Ledgerium uses the gossip protocol currently to disseminate data related to new blocks and other peers. The way the network manager has been written and implemented, this can be swapped easily.
The following figure explains this further:
A swappable architecture.
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