Ledgerium is purely based on the work being done on the quorum project. The project is widely in use today for financial services, and there are many different variants available from both Consensys (under the name Kaleido) and JP Morgan for their JPM coin.
Our efforts will remain to stay as close to the protocol development in Ethereum and the secondary layer which Quorum provides. We are an active contributor and user of the quorum protocol with some of our contributions accepted into master, and others open for review.
Quorum is an Ethereum-based distributed ledger protocol that has been developed to provide the Financial Services Industry with a permissioned implementation of Ethereum that supports transaction and contract privacy.
Quorum includes a minimalistic fork of the Go Ethereum client (a.k.a geth), and as such, leverages the work that the Ethereum developer community has undertaken.
The primary features of Quorum, and therefore extensions over public Ethereum, are:
    Transaction and contract privacy
    Multiple voting-based consensus mechanisms
    Network/Peer permissions management
    Higher performance
Whilst Quorum has been designed with Financial Services use cases in mind, its implementation is not Financial Services specific and hence is appropriate for other industries that are interested in utilizing Ethereum but require the above primary features.
Quorum is a private/permissioned, blockchain based on the official Go implementation of the Ethereum protocol. Quorum uses a voting based consensus algorithm, and achieves Data Privacy through the introduction of a new “private” transaction identifier. One of the design goals of Quorum is to reuse as much existing technology as possible, minimising the changes required to go-ethereum in order to reduce the effort required to keep in sync with future versions of the public Ethereum code base. Much of the logic responsible for the additional privacy functionality resides in a layer that sits atop the standard Ethereum protocol layer.
Figure 1 below provides a high-level overview of the Quorum blockchain platform and architectural components.
Quorum Overview
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