DApp Development
Since ledgerium is a fork of ethereum, it supports all solidity of EVM compatible apps. Most apps will run without a lot of changes needed. We have also released libraries to help aid developers.

DApp Public Transactions using Remix

Here are the assumptions we're considering when guiding our readers through this section:
    You are a software developer building smart contracts in Solidity.
    Examples in this guide use Remix so you don't need to set up a development environment.
    You do not need to run a Ledgerium block producer to complete this guide.
DApp development using Remix

Ledgerium Box

This Ledgerium Truffle box gives you a boilerplate to get up and running quickly with Truffle. This allows you to allow you to do public and private transactions over Ledgerium blockchain.

Ledgerium Utility

Provides utility functions to test different scenarios on Ledgerium blockchain e.g. deploy public and private smart contracts, execute transactions.
Last modified 2yr ago